Red Go
  • Every Day
  • Ozymandius
  • Jerry
  • I Know You Know
  • Tell Me Again
  • Central Square
  • The Talk Of Russia
  • Lenny Said
  • Lackey Boy
  • Big Ship
  • Piano Song

Michael MacDonald, founder and leading force behind Jupiter 88 died unexpectedly in April of 2000. He had already completed recordings for the band’s second CD, RedGo. The material for this CD was recorded in 2 different studios - in 2 different incarnations of the band. The original band was predominantly made up of Michael and vocalist Darla Villani. They produced the band’s first CD, Jupiter 88, which was released by Unit Circle Rekkids in 1998. The second and final incarnation of the band consisted of MacDonald, vocalist Rosa Pullman, and Jonathan Lemaster. Michael’s most brilliant vision was to successfully marry the avant garde music that he loved (e.g. Shoenburg, electronic and tape based music, 20th Century chamber music, and free improv) with the populist beats of rock, country, trip hop and electronica. We at Unit Circle are proud to team up with Sublingual Records to allow Michael’s final set of songs to be enjoyed by all.

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