A Doll's Life 7"
  • A Doll's Life
  • Blithe Spirit

The Garden have been playing around Pittsburgh, PA since the mid-eighties. They have done several amazing self-produced cassettes, but had never been released on another label. We wanted to get the word out about them, because they deserve it.

3rd Nail - issue #13

Local Favorites, The Garden recently released this studio produced 7", "A Doll's Life" (my favorite song by them), and "Blithe Spirit" on the B-Side. It was self produced (no it wasn't - ed) with some help from Underflowers member J Orazi, on this, they sound really tight and professional. I found on this release that I can understand the vocals a lot more clearly than on their tapes.

Christine and Anthony's abilities on guitar and bass are top quality here. As for Stephens vocals, they are the strongest and most mood evoking I have ever heard! The same goes for "Blithe Spirit", again, this is the best version of this song ever, guitars, bass, and vocals all at their peak. I don't know if it has started to happen yet or not, but this should get some radio play soon!

- Kristine Lambert